Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan And Heather Clem Sex Video

HulkHogan and Heather Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge’s Wife sex tape recently appeared on the web a few days ago & it has achieved a lot of amazement. Heather Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge’s Wife was the wife of Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Alan Clem who is a known radio funny guy who’s worked with HowardStern. At the time Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Alan Clem and Heather Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge’s Wife tied the knot, HulkHogan was the best man. In the sex tape it audibly exhibits how HulkHogan hammered Heather Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge’s Wife in her and BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE’s bed room. This very fact persuades a lot of the public to perceive that HulkHogan and Bubba the Love Sponge aka Todd Alan Clem were passing around Heather Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge’s Wife who happened to be Hulk Hogan’s ex wife, LINDA HOGAN’s BFF. Heather Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge’s Wife was always known to be a quite gorgeous woman that loved taking racy pics of herself and putting them on the internet. Now it comes to light that Heather Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge’s Wife was additionally, a sex goddess which enjoyed having sex with by HulkHogan & being documented while in her romps.

La Toya Jackson’s New TV Reality Show

Yes, you all read right. La Toya Jackson will be starring in her own television reality show on the Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network in 2013. The reality show is called Life with La Toya and it seems that her other siblings are not going to be too happy about that. The Jackson siblings tend to not like their private lives to be discussed in public nor do they enjoy having cameras all over their faces. See all the latest info on what is going on in Jackson’s life by checking out her out @latoyajackson via Twitter.

Lindsay Lohan Enjoys A Day Out During The 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Troubled celebrity Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been getting in trouble too much lately. In fact she has been trying to get her acting career back in track and has done two films already that will be debuting soon enough. Lohan was seen out and about New York City enjoying the 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Catch up with what is going with Josh Hutcherson On The Set Of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and see what else the cast has been up too.

Current Celebrity Partnerships

2011 had a lot of famous divorces and breakups which left many fans thinking if people in Hollywood know how to obtain a partnership long lasting.There is no need to ponder anymore as a few of these Hollywood partnerships have only been going out for a few time, but give the vibe to be deeply in love and respectful of each other. We are sure these celebrity couples can be with one another for years to come!

1. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

2. Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton

3. George Clooney & Stacy Keibler

4. Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

5. Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem

2012 looks to be full of happiness and marriages for celebs. Pay close attention as you will look at each and every one of these partnerships in the TV as all eyes will be on them. This year seems to be a good one so far.

Lady Gaga Hits Head with Pole in New Zealand

Gaga had a concert in New Zealand on June 10th of this year when a male backup dancer carried off a pole from the performance stage when he slammed Lady Gaga on top of the head very hard. At that time Ms. Lady Gaga had squatted down to grab a machine gun prop before getting clobbered. Once the incident occurred Lady Gaga stammered for a second and then touched her head. Lady Gaga walked off the concert stage directly afterwards, but in a few minutes returned to finish sixteen more songs. During the performance Lady Gaga talked to the fans and stated “”I want to apologize. I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion. But don’t you worry, I will finish this show.” On Monday, Lady Gaga tweeted a picture of how she looks where you can totally looked at the huge bruise on her right cheek and under her right eye. The songtress also added to the photo, “Emerging from hours of sleep”. It seems that the singer will be ok and is improving extremely fast from her head accident. Quite a few concert goers are astonish that she could complete her concert.

Engaged Angelina Jolie Directing Fifty Shades of Grey Motion Picture

Worldwide known trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey” has every single chick in love with the number one character Mr. Christian Grey and his method with chicks. The exotic novel is part of a trilogy by author E.L James and females are now hoping about if a movie is going to be in production for this novel. Have you noticed a movement these days? First it was the Harry Potter novels, then the Twilight novels and the latest The Hungry Games novels; all these well-known novels have all been transformed into hit films.

Engaged Angelina Jolie has been stated to be the director that quite possibly have the pleasure to make Mr. Christian Grey come alive. Engaged Angelina Jolie has been said to haven been wanting to get behind the director chair since her directorial debut of “In The Land of Blood and Honey.” At the moment, nothing has been validated as of at this moment, but what are your thoughts? Do you feel Ms. Angelina Jolie is the ideal director to bring the hot Mr. Christian Grey to come alive?

Celeb Marriages that were Short

A lot of people are knowledgeable that tons of famous unions don’t last for a long time, but there are a few Hollywood unions that only last for hours. The celebrities on this short list should have had a clue that they were bad for one another before getting married in the City of Sin or paying for a over the top lavish wedding ceremony just for more attention. For whatever reason they felt the need to make a mockery of marriage and now made their mark as having the short term famous unions.

Right below is the Top Five Briefest Celeb Marriages:

  1. Rudolph Valentino & Jean Acker
  2. Drew Barrymore & Tom Green
  3. Jana Kramer & Johnathan Schaech
  4. Colin Farrell & Amelia Warner
  5. Eddie Murphy & Tracey Edmonds

I’m certain that plenty more celebrities will sign up on this pathetic list for years to come. Can’t wait to see what other failure of famous unions will came to past in 2012.


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